we unite

A diverse and growing network of industry partners, we have worked with 400+ of the top restaurants, suppliers, and culinary institutions, while helping 1.4 million diners find their next meal across US & Canada to date.

Collage of chefs that Transparent Kitchen has collaborated with.
Going into 2020, we launched the first dish discovery platform with some of these amazing partners.

With over 250 of the top restaurants in Canada and the U.S. we rapidly grew our database of thousands of dishes and ingredients, while collecting dietary preferences from our diners.

Lamb Shank
Lobster Linguine
Pelican Grill
Bigoli in salsa
North & Navy
Tomato Salad
Lee Restaurant
Breakfast Sandwich

A few partners in particular supported this rapid growth:

Igniting the global information economy, Techstars is a global accelerator supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Transparent Kitchen graduated from the Farm to Fork program in 2019, which focuses on the future of food and agriculture worldwide.

Oceanwise is a national seafood certification program, tagging restaurants and associated dishes with their logo, as a badge of honour.

Transparent Kitchen worked with Oceanwise to grow their base of 1000+ partners through partnerships and incentives.

Restaurants Canada is a national, not-for-profit association representing Canada’s diverse and dynamic foodservice industry.

Transparent Kitchen became an official partner in 2019, giving us access to their national network of restaurant partners.

This past year has been particularly difficult for our chef partners...

We reached out to a few of them to go behind the scenes and create a series of tableaus, illustrating the most pivotal moments in the day of a chef’s life as they navigate the challenges of the restaurant against a backdrop of COVID-19. We're proud to introduce The Last Service.