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To enable the food and beverage industry to thrive, we are developing modern solutions that leverage new technologies to uppend the status quo and support this vibrant community. The golden age of restaurants is on the horizon.


Restaurants have not changed their core business model since the first restaurant opened in 1765.

To anticipate the future we must understand the past.

Who invented the first modern restaurant? Unsurprisingly, it was a Parisian chef known as Mr. Boulanger. His infamous dish of sheeps feet simmering in white sauce caught the attention of the growing French upper and middle class.

Mr. Boulanger convinced them for the first time to leave their own personal kitchens and venture to this new form of dining called a “restaurant”; the French verb restaurer, meaning “to restore or refresh.”

This kicked off a 250 year-old tradition of dining out, which we now know encompasses bistros in Paris to burgers in America. There are restaurants on every street corner, in every town.

In 2020, things changed...

The restaurant industry, operating on razor-thin margins, suffered a devastating blow.But we have developed a solution!

Introducing Tablz

Tablz is bringing dining room economics out of the 18th century with a first of its kind 3D reservation platform, which works alongside all existing table management software systems.

For consumers, it solves the age old issue of not being able to pick the table or section they want in a restaurant. For restaurants, it finally it monetizes the dining room based on its supply and demand, by accurately pricing the value of their coveted real estate.


There is a golden age of restaurants on the horizon, so let's not miss our opportunity.