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Feast + Revel

325 Dalhousie Street  •  Ottawa / Gatineau  •  (613) 667-4511

Feast + Revel proudly offers a culinary program in celebration of the land on which it stands. Combining old world traditional methods and flavours from France and England with wildlife from Canada’s rugged landscapes, Executive Chef Stephen La Salle delivers innovative Canadian cuisine which he aptly calls New Frontier Cuisine. This cuisine explores and pushes the boundaries of what we know to be Canadian food, by applying sophisticated techniques to familiar flavours.

Stephen Lasalle

Executive Chef

Born and raised in the nation’s capital, Chef Stephen La Salle stumbled into his culinary career. Like so many other Chefs “it just happened,” he says. It’s a career calling difficult to ignore once you’ve been bitten by the bug, and Chef Stephen was bitten at the ripe age of 18. His bug, however, was a lobster. Like every other student trying to pay the bills, Chef Stephen worked as a fishmonger at Ottawa’s famous LaPointe’s Fish Restaurant in the Byward market during his studies at uOttawa. The daily duties of butchering and selling fish in rubber boots isn’t the most romantic start to a career in food. But his customers repeatedly asked him how to cook the products, so the young fishmonger had to come up with some good answers. “That’s when I started experimenting,” he says. After cooking his way through most of the ocean’s bounty, he had a good grasp on what he was selling and how to prepare it. To make some extra cash, he would plan and prepare his own “Lobster Fest” evenings for friends and family, feeding up to 50 guests at a time. Not bad for $20 a head! Of course, the question kept coming up: “Why not culinary school?” Chef Stephen parted ways with his university degree and joined Algonquin’s culinary program, which allowed him to expand his culinary expertise beyond the ocean. After all, he had no restaurant experience going in. Upon receiving his diploma and after some time spent dabbling in Asian, French, and fine dining, the young cook found himself at Ottawa’s Arc Hotel - this was a game changer. After working through the many breakfast, lunch, and dinner services, he quickly rose up the ranks to Executive Sous Chef. Seeking an opportunity to rise even further, he found his new challenge as the Executive Chef at the newly renovated Novotel restaurant. “I felt so lucky that someone would take a chance on me,” and he didn’t disappoint. Building the Albion Rooms from scratch was a dream come true. After nearly seven months of preparation, they opened their doors to the new restaurant and Chef’s culinary vision. “I fell in love with the job, the food, the guests, even the building!” He had become a hotel chef, something he promised himself he would never be. But instead of seeing it as a constant push of breakfast, lunch, dinner, or banquets, meetings, and weddings, Chef La Salle viewed it as “even more ways to please our guests.” Regardless, he wanted to join the culinary community and not be seen as simply a hotel chef. His energy and skill didn’t go unnoticed, and he was asked to join the team at the new Andaz Hotel as the fourth employee. After opening a new restaurant, he now found himself opening a hotel. Filling the role as not only the Executive Chef of Feast and Revel, he also holds the reins of Food and Beverage Director at Andaz. “That was a huge career moment. I can keep my finger on the pulse. Being able to drive the heart and soul of a hotel is exhilarating.”