we are

A team of chefs, creatives, and engineers who worked in the industry, and built a first-of-its-kind platform and brand for the food and beverage industry with just $18K of our tip money. Together, over several years, we have created a roadmap to fundamentally change the industry we deeply care for.

Frazer Nagy
Chief Executive Officer

A lover of sustainable development and a passionate dish storyteller, Frazer brings 13 years of direct restaurant experience, a degree in International Development & Economics, as well as seven generations of farming heritage in rural Canada.


I was always baffled by individuals who didn’t understand the true value of food and the passionate individuals who brought it to their plate.

Stef Scrivens
Director of Partnerships

A Michelin pastry chef, peanut butter connoisseur, and brain cancer survivor….should we go on? Stef keeps the team in line with her back of house efficiency and is proudly the face of our global expansion.


A strong partnership between local suppliers, chefs, and restaurants is the backbone to creating a great dish and experience for the diner.

Andrej Sakic
Chief Design Officer

A self taught photographer, designer, and creative at heart, Andrej’s natural talent has led to the creation of our innovative photography system, 3D reservation system, and comprehensive information architecture. He also loves LEGO.


Product design is equal parts art and science, which we also witness in scratch kitchens around the world. What better industry to be a part of where those two fields intersect!?

Jérôme St-Hilaire
Chief Technology Officer

A cyber security expert and sports car encyclopedia, with a growing whisky collection, Jérôme has defied our bootstrapped budget to build the first intelligent food and beverage discovery platform, while kicking ass at pingpong wherever we find a table.


Even with data privacy measures in place, we strive to be transparent with our users in knowing how their data is leveraged to improve their discovery experience.

Sarah Farmer
Director of Photography

An ex-chef and restaurateur, Sarah is inspired not only by her love of this industry, but the way it’s story is told through her lens. An Annie Leibovitz collab? One day soon we are sure.


As a chef, the importance of photographing your work is crucial to communicating the artistry and passion behind every dish, which will always inspire people to eat better food.