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The farm-to-table movement and the culinary arts at large are both an economic and cultural hub. Obssessed with the future of dining, Transparent Kitchen is a Canadian technology company dedicated to the advancement of this industry.


Cultivate an intentional community of restaurants around a set of principles that we believe will guide the next generation of diners to be more conscious consumers.

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who want to make
conscious dining decisions
who cook from scratch
and source sustainably
that promote a culture
of dining
It all starts with community...

In North America, more than thirty thousand farm-to-table restaurants are crucial pillars in our communities and champions of supporting our local food systems.

By bringing together this community of restaurateurs, chefs, and diners, and providing them with the modern tools to succeed, our economies and environment will thrive.

What is a TK restaurant?
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An integrated system, powered by dynamic pricing, is the key to fixing a fundamentally broken economic model.

give diners agency over
their seating preferences